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25Feb 1033
Introduction Rupture Disc | Pressure Relief | REMBE

If a rupture disc type has a burst tolerance of +/-10%, and the defined burst pressure is 1 bar, the rupture disc will open between 900 mbar and 1.1 bar. Depending on the valid or applied rules and regulations the burst tolerance is at +/-10% (e.g. Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EC), or +/-5% (e.g. ASME section VIII, Division 1), or +/-3% ...

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30Feb 1155
Filtration and Filters

Filter materials can also break off or come loose during filtration and appear in the filtrate. Depth filters are rigid enough to filter a solution being pulled into a syringe. They can also be used to filter a solution being pushed out of a syringe. But the same filter cannot be used to draw up and then expel a solution.

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28Feb 1004
Hydrotech Discfilter | Veolia

Hydrotech Discfilter uses woven cloth filters mounted on multiple discs providing a large filter area in a small footprint. The filter media on the partially submerged discs filters solids from the water. Accumulated solids are cleaned via the counter-current backwash system. Filtered water flows through the disc media to be collected in the ...

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7Feb 1793
Implementing a Fully Disposable MAb Manufacturing Facility ...

 · Sterile Filtration and Bulk Storage: Our final process stage incorporates a 0.2-µm sterilizing-grade Pall Supor EKV SU capsule filter, then sterile transfer into a flexible biocontainer. Reconstruction of Existing Building: Rentschler''s plan for a fully disposable upstream and downstream process at 1,000-L scale required a customized ...

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2Feb 1875
How springs is made

4 Grinding. If the design calls for flat ends on the spring, the ends are ground at this stage of the manufacturing process. The spring is mounted in a jig to ensure the correct orientation during grinding, and it is held against a rotating abrasive wheel until the desired degree of flatness is obtained.

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25Feb 869
Compressed Air Filters

Parker Finite''s HX Series removes submicronic contaminates from compressed air systems to remove contaimination and avoid damage to equipment and finished goods downstream.

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23Feb 785
Self-driven filter-based blood plasma separator ...

 · The long-term hydrophilicity of the employed material, the straightforward manufacturing process, and the achieved plasma volume (0.1 μl) pave the way for doing multiplex blood analyses simultaneously in the same device, as is promised in portable medical POC testing. Supporting information. Additional information as noted in text. Ethics ...

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29Feb 1149
Porous Metal Filters Supplier | Capstan Powder Metal ...

Your Leader In Porous Metal Filters. Capstan is a leading supplier of porous metal filters worldwide. Capstan Filters are well known for high performance porous sintered metal filters, in stainless steel, bronze, or nickle alloys, for liquid or gas filtration. We have been developing and manufacturing sintered metal since the 1950s.

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29Feb 1627
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing PACOP 4 Flashcards | Quizlet

A. Parallel filtration. A gravity-operated filling set-up is used for liquids which: A. Free-flowing. B. Foaming. C. Viscous. D. Either A or B. A. Free-flowing. A method of preparation of suspension wherein the finely divided powders are dispersed in an appropriate liquid vehicle, with the aid of surfactant to ensure uniform wetting of the ...

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13Feb 1650
Manufacturing Process of Glass wool

Glass Wool (Fiberglass) | Rock Wool | Ceramic Wool | Jute Felt | Felt & Felt Products | Acrylic | Acoustic | Insulation | Felt Oil Seals | Felt Sheets |For E...

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3Feb 1540
Alumina: Filtration in the alumina production process ...

 · Outline of the Bayer process. Red mud rotary vacuum drum filter. Schematic of disc filter. Aluminium is an extraordinarily versatile and economically important material. Although it is abundant within our planet''s crust, the Earth does not want to give-up this silver-coloured, light, strong and corrosion-resistant metal easily.

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12Feb 634
Aseptic Processing Validation

Bacterial Retention: If the filtration process does not include cleaning and/or sanitization of the filters between uses, the validation could be treated as a standard, scale-down (flat stock disc) long duration retention test where product conditioning and/or challenge are conducted for the same number of total cumulative hours that the filter ...

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6Feb 1414
Industrial Filtration Systems | Edjean Technical Service

Increasing Production Through Waste Minimization for Over 30 Years. EdjeTech Services boasts a proven track record of manufacturing high-efficiency and high-quality industrial fluid filtration equipment for metalworking operations. Our products, with their decidedly superior results, are …

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18Feb 1621
Fabrication of 25 μm-filter microfluidic chip on silicon ...

 · The optimized parameters for Bosch DRIE process were 60 W bias power, 2 s for passivation step, 3 s for etching step, 400 loops and without oxygen. These parameters were applied to fabricate filter a silicon microfluidic chip with four arrays of microposts with various distances between microposts from 100 to 25 μ m.

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20Feb 1391
Hard Disk Manufacturing Equipment : Hitachi High-Tech in ...

Hard Disk Manufacturing Equipment. Disk Test System RQ7800/RA5000 Ideal for characteristic measurement in the high density disk and small disks. As the final inspect stage of media process, the disk test system allows a single machine to do burnish/glide, certify and parametric test by high speed and automatically.

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7Feb 1374
Disc Filters and Holders

chemicals, solvents, water and process gases. Disc filters may also be used for small vent filter applications. Disc filters may be used with CSH-47 holders for validation, sampling, process scale up, and venting. All materials of construction are FDA accepted. All filter discs have been validated to pass USP Class VI toxicology, oxidizable

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16Feb 861
Peterson Filters | Continuous Filters & Processes

Welcome to Peterson Filters. Since its establishment in 1943, Peterson Filters Corporation has led the way in designing and manufacturing high quality industrial vacuum filtration equipment for the mining and process industries. As an organization of experienced specialists focusing on providing economical solutions for liquid-solid separation ...

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2Feb 1910
Sulphuric acid

 · Sulphuric acid. 2. sulphuric acid is a colourless dense oily corrosive liquid produced by the reaction of sulphur trioxide with water and used in accumulators and in the manufacture of fertilizers, dyes, and explosives. Formula: H2SO4.

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7Feb 1466
Fully Validated Filters for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Leaf Disc and Solid Plate Filters; ... cost effective filters specifically designed for each stage of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Biopharmaceutical production including media preparation, buffer preparation, bioreactor support and cell culture harvesting ... Customer plant surveys, process filter optimisation, trouble-shooting ...

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8Feb 1493
Membrane, Syringe, and Capsule Laboratory Filters | Sterlitech

Our filtration devices have been rigorously tested and optimized to reduce process times, increase analytical efficiency, and produce consistent, measurable results. We offer polymeric, glass fiber, and ceramic membranes--in all standard diameters and a range of pore sizes--as disc/sheet filters or housed within syringe and capsule devices for ...

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23Feb 1094
3M Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Process Development ...

Air Filter Out Buffer Filtration / In-process Filtration Buffer Filtration / In-process Filtration Figure 1: The Biopharmaceutical Production and Downstream Purifi cation Train ... The manufacturing process of diagnostic reagents and sera contains many ... disc centrifuge broke down periodically, caus-

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17Feb 639
Craft Breweries

SUPRAdisc II modules offer a multitude of benefits that overcome the disadvantages of the classical stacked disc design (Figures 9, 10, 11). These benefits result in important cost savings. Longer onstream life, due to highest utilization of the filter sheet area, no blinding of filter surfaces, open design of the separators, optimized drainage ...

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17Feb 1388
Filtration Equipment & Parts

Industrial Equipment for Filtration. Compositech specializes in the manufacture of industrial filter parts such as drum and disc filters, belt presses and gravity tables, and horizontal belt filters all designed to address requirements for consistent moisture levels and strict environmental requirements. Our industrial filtration solutions are ...

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7Feb 614
Alfa Laval Industrial Centrifuge Systems | Dolphin Centrifuge

Stamped and machined parts are water washed to remove manufacturing debris and oils. Oils and metal solids saturate industrial wash water, making it unusable. An Alfa Laval, 3-phase, disc stack centrifuge is the solution! It removes the metal debris and oils in a one-step process. Reclaimed wash water is reusable instead of sending for disposal.

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18Feb 1737
Method of making filter paper

The filter paper is comprised of a flat annular disc of paper which is impregnated with a phenolic resin. Additionally, a method is set forth explaining the process of making the impregnated filter paper. The filter paper when stacked is suitable for use in filter devices such as set out in U.S. Pat. No. 2,773,602.

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27Feb 1935
Worldwide Brand in filtration and water systems |

TIMEX Rotostrain and Disc Filters in the Norwegian Sea, with 30 m³ / h Capacity Filtration. 30 m³ / h capacity of fish processing and process water (blood water & process water) filtration for Norway Fish Processing Ship, our project is completed.

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11Feb 782
Pharma Filtration

 · A typical risk assessment and process validation plan should consider the criticality of the process and application of the vent filter, the number of re-use cycles, process implications, and the impact on filter lifetime. Regulatory documents establish two types of applications for vent filters: critical and moderately critical applications.

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26Feb 1366
Glass fiber disc | Sigma-Aldrich

filter discs (102) Brand. Millipore (1) Manufacturer Name. Diameter (mm) Package Size. Pore size (um) Sterility. Available for Sale. United States Globally. Showing 1-13 of 13 results for "glass fiber disc" Advanced Search. Structure Search. Relevance. Compare. Glass Fiber Disc with binder. Glass Fiber Disc with binder. Product Number Product ...

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24Feb 914
Standardization of the Manufacturing Process of Bee Venom ...

 · 2.4. BVP Manufacturing. After removal of the allergen from raw bee venom and filtering of the purified melittin using membrane filters (pore size: 0.45–0.2 μm), the melittin was subdivided into 2.25 mL vials. 2.5. BVP Quality Management 2.5.1. Safety and Stability Evaluation

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24Feb 922
Sintered Filters | Sintered Metal Mesh | Carbis Filtration

Filter elements, discs and shapes are available as standard in 316 and 310 stainless steel. Alloys 400, C-22 and C-276, Titanium, 22%Cr Duplex, 25%Cr Super Duplex and 904L, also available dependant on product form and quantity.

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12Feb 774
Air Vent Filters Sterile Syringe Filters

Glass Fiber Filter Syringe Filters Disc Membrane Filter. 1999 1999 2005 2008 2010 ... Consumables for many years. We are concentrating on the manufacturing, research and innovation of the syringe filters and the sales of Lab equipment and supplies. ... InspectorødH.L.,Su SamplingødSamples pulled at defined intervals throughout the lot, 10 ...

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28Feb 1871
Introduction Rupture Disc | Pressure Relief | REMBE

Key Technical figures of rupture discs; Dimensions: The diameter of the rupture discs is specified matching the diameter of pipes or flanges as the nominal pipe size DN (Diamètre nominal) in the European context, or as NPS (Nominal Pipe Size) in other regions. Burst pressure (also referred to as set pressure): This is the pressure at which the rupture disc opens.

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4Feb 1252
Millistak+® Pod Depth Filter System | Biopharmaceutical ...

The Pod system consists of seven filter sizes and two expandable holders. No matter what size Pod filter you choose, the same flow path and configuration ensures a linearly scalable solution from bench to process scale. Low hold-up volume for greater product yield. Flexible, modular format offers scalability from 5 to 12,000 liters or more.

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29Feb 1727
Filter Disc: The Ultimate Guide | Filson Filter

A filter disc will save you from expensive system shutdown due to blockages. Yes, allowing impurities in your system can be a disaster. In fact, it can lead to system breakdown. That''s why you should invest in high quality and reliable filter disc. Today''s guide will take you through the vital aspects of filter discs, … Filter Disc: The Ultimate Guide Read More »

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