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flotation separation hematite

12Feb 1443
Differential adsorption of a high-performance collector at ...

 · Different adsorption behaviors of the collector on the mineral surface play a crucial part in the flotation separation of different minerals by select…

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4Feb 1865

9. Huili Han, Wanzhong Yin*, Jin Yao, Dong Li. Effect and mechanism of citric acid on flotation separation of siderite and hematite. Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing, 2019, 55(1), 311-323. (SCI) [1]

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17Feb 542
Improved flotation performance of hematite fines using ...

 · In this study, citric acid was used as a dispersant to improve the flotation performance of hematite fines. The effect and mechanism of citric acid on the reverse flotation of hematite fines were investigated by flotation tests, sedimentation experiments, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), zeta-potential measurements, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).

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16Feb 1736
A Review of Flotation Separation of Mg Carbonates ...

The flotation separation of Mg carbonates from non-salt type minerals (hematite, gold-bearing sulfides, and monazite) is typically less difficult as compared to their separation from other salt-type minerals (phosphate) [8,10,14,17,18,34,49].

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17Feb 1221
Effect and mechanism of siderite on reverse flotation of ...

 · The effects of siderite on reverse flotation of hematite were investigated using micro flotation, adsorption tests, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The flotation results show that interactions between siderite and quartz are the main reasons that siderite significantly influences the floatability. The interactions are attributed to dissolved siderite species and fine siderite ...

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20Feb 913
Separation of ultra-fine hematite and quartz particles ...

 · The asynchronous flocculation flotation results confirmed that PEO was capable of enhancing the separation of ultra-fine hematite and quartz. In order to investigate the flocculation performance, sedimentation behaviors of quartz and hematite with different chemicals were studied and the results are shown in Fig. 6 .

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3Feb 994
Effect of butanol on flotation separation of quartz from ...

 · In order to investigate the effect of butanol on quartz flotation when N-dodecyl ethylenediamine (ND) was used as collector, single mineral flotation and artificial mixed mineral (hematite and quartz were mixed at a mass ratio of 3:2) separation were conducted in the laboratory.

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1Feb 1037
Common Hematite Flotation Methods and Introduction of Reagent…

Hematite Processing by Flotation

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11Feb 1128
Reverse Flotation | SURFI

 · Our collaborators from Northeastern University in Shenyang published a new paper on Reverse Flotation of Hematite from Quartz with Magnetic Seeding Aggregation in the Minerals Engineering journal. In this work, fine magnetite was used as a magnetic seed to enhance the separation efficiency of fine hematite from quartz during reverse micro-flotation.

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17Feb 1498
Selective Separation of Hematite from Quartz By Flotation ...

Micro-flotation tests by Forbes and Franks (2013) showed that anionic PNIPAM was a feasible collector for separating hematite from a synthetic mixture with silica. Performance in the mids and ...

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5Feb 638
Commonly Used Processing Processes of Hematite

 · Hematite is a weakly magnetic iron mineral with 70% pure iron content and good flotability. It is one of the main raw materials for iron making. There are many commonly used hematite processing processes, which mainly include gravity separation, flotation separation, magnetic separation, roasting-magnetic separation, and combined separation.

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23Feb 935
Iron Ore Is A Raw Material Separation Of Hematite

Hematite Separation China. Efficient wet hematite separation and processing equipmentematite process is a common solution for hematite ore which is an important raw material for the metallurgy departments of steel production, due to hematite has a certain magnetism, so hematite flotation and separation is commonly used in hematite process and ...

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19Feb 789
Kaolinite and hematite flotation separation using ...

Fig. 3 shows the recovery of kaolinite and hematite, using the collector DTAB, as a function of pH considering the three concen-trations tested. The results showed that the separation between kaolinite and hematite is possible in the full range of pH, just for the concentration of collector equal to 1 10 4 mol/L. Zhao et al.

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17Feb 1742
(PDF) Reverse flotation separation of hematite from quartz ...

In this work, fine magnetite was used as a magnetic seed to enhance the separation efficiency of fine hematite from quartz during reverse micro-flotation.

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16Feb 598
Flotation behavior of hematite fines flocculated with ...

Pre-adsorbed PAA reduces the amount of SDS adsorbed on the hematite particles, but the flotation of hematite flocs occurs, even at reduced amounts of adsorbed SDS, and is not depressed until PAA dosages in excess of the saturation value are used. Separation of a hematite-quartz mixture can be achieved by SDS flotation of PAA-flocculated hematite.

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14Feb 1057
The Effect of New Modified Fatty Acid (CY-23) Collector on ...

 · The flotation separation on chlorite and hematite with the new modified fatty acid collector CY-23 was studied. The investigation included both flotation and reagent adsorption tests. And all the characteristics of chlorite surface before and after the adsorption of new collector CY-23 have been studied with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).

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2Feb 1330
Separation of Pyrolusite and Hematite by Froth Flotation

hematite using froth flotation was investigated. Using sodium oleate as a collector, micro-scale flotation testing identified conditions for selective separation of pyrolusite and hematite. When applied to Wabush iron ore on a bench-scale, direct flotation produced hematite concentrates meeting the

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13Feb 1271
Hematite Ore, Hematite Mineral, Hematite Beneficiation ...

This hematite iron minerals are mainly composed of magnetite, hematite with uneven distribution, and gangue minerals are quartz. After comprehensive analysis of ore properties Xinhai designed the stages grinding, gravity - magnetic - reverse flotation process--- about 60% coarse concentrate and tailings obtained by grinding; gravity separation ...

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29Feb 2000
Investigations on soluble starch as the depressant of ...

In this paper, soluble starch has been studied as the depressant of hematite during flotation separation of apatite using sodium oleate as the collector. The interaction mechanism between the soluble starch and minerals (hematite and apatite) was studied with employment of Zeta-potential,

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28Feb 1025
Dissolution of starch and its role in the flotation ...

 · The flotation tests for the hematite-quartz mixture confirmed that a suitable starch with proper solution preparation is necessary for achieving a high flotation separation efficiency. Specifically, 65–75 °C or pH 13 was the preferred condition for dissolving WS, NS and G50 whereas for G80, a higher starch solution preparation temperature ...

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13Feb 874
Magnetic and flotation studies of banded hematite ...

 · The liberation of hematite particles can be enhanced to about 82% by reducing the particle size to below 63 μm. The rejection of silica particles can be obtained by magnetic and flotation separation techniques. Overall, the BHQ ore can be enriched to 65.3wt% Fe at 61.9% iron recovery.

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28Feb 1211
Design and flotation performance of a novel hydroxy ...

The flotation tests showed that DPDA had a strong collecting ability and good selectivity, it could realize the efficient separation of quartz and hematite under neutral and weak alkaline pulp ...

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6Feb 1468
Froth flotation

Froth flotation is a process for selectively separating hydrophobic materials from hydrophilic.This is used in mineral processing, paper recycling and waste-water treatment industries. Historically this was first used in the mining industry, where it was one of the great enabling technologies of the 20th century.

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27Feb 1968
Minerals | Free Full-Text | Study on the Dispersion ...

Citric acid, as a dispersant, has been widely used in the flotation separation of silicate minerals, sulfide ores and some calcium carbonate minerals [7,8,9,10,11] the field of hematite flotation, the dispersing effect of citric acid on siderite has been investigated by some scholars [12,13], but its effect on chlorite in flotation of hematite has been rarely reported.

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14Feb 546
Hematite Separation Process,Hematite Separation Line ...

Hematite Separation Process Process Introduction The early hematite beneficiation is mainly gravity separation with machines of jigger, centrifugal separator, spiral chute, spiral washer, shaking table can be involved and later floatation separation has been used in the hematite iron ore upgrading with floatation separator and magnetic separator involved.

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24Feb 1185
Study on the Dispersion Mechanism of Citric Acid on ...

minerals by flotation, they are rarely used for ferrous metal flotation. Citric acid, as a dispersant, has been widely used in the flotation separation of silicate minerals, sulfide ores and some calcium carbonate minerals [7–11]. In the field of hematite flotation, the

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30Feb 1627
Removal of hematite from silica sand ore by reverse ...

The flotation separation on chlorite and hematite with the new modified fatty acid collector CY-23 was studied. The investigation included both flotation and reagent adsorption tests. And all the ...

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3Feb 506
The Flotation Separation of Magnesite and Limonite Using ...

 · The artificial mixed-flotation separation effect was better, showing the same trend of the two mineral floatation ratios in single-mineral flotation tests. Flotation of concentrate production decreased first, then there was a certain degree of recovery, and iron grade first declined and then tended to be stable.

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28Feb 1474
Chlorite in Hematite Reverse Flotation System

3.1. Effect of Citric Acid Dosage on Flotation of Artificial Mixed Ore In order to study the effect of citric acid on chlorite in hematite reverse flotation system, the dosage of citric acid with different hematite granularity size were tested. The pH of the pulp was adjusted to …

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23Feb 820
Effect and mechanism of citric acid on flotation ...

Heterocoagulation can occur between fine siderite and hematite particles, which would result in the low efficiency of their separation during the flotation process. To date, there have been no mature methods to increase their separation efficiency. In this paper, citric acid was used as a regulator to enhance the slurry dispersion efficiency.

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2Feb 602
Factors Affecting the Hematite Flotation Effect

 · The flotation process includes mineral separation, separation mode, sequence number, number of cycles, and has the biggest influence on hematite flotation. In addition to the mineral water hardness, temperature, flotation time, flotation speed, etc. also affect the separation effect.

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9Feb 768
Hematite Processing by Flotation

 · Hematite Flotation Circuit. Each flotation circuit consists of a four cell open flow roughing section followed by a two cell scavenger. The scavenger concentrate is returned by gravity to the third rougher cell and the rougher concentrate from the first rougher cell is sufficiently high grade ( + 58% Fe) to combine with the cleaner concentrate ...

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18Feb 1780
(PDF) Flotation of Silicates Gangue from hematite ...

This work presents the results on the application of reverse cationic flotation to obtain the hematite concentrates with weak silica content from the tailings of wet magnetic separation of magnetite.

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