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9Feb 941
Star Trek: Beverly Crusher Nearly Exited in TNG''s Pilot | CBR

 · In fact, as Star Trek ''s creator Gene Roddenberry and producers struggled to craft a pilot everyone could live with, they floated the idea of getting rid of Dr. Beverly Crusher altogether. Star Trek has always crafted a special place for its medical officers. Starting with the iconic "Bones" McCoy to a holographic doctor in Star Trek ...

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13Feb 1095
56 Beverly Crusher ideas | beverly crusher, gates mcfadden ...

Feb 17, 2019 - Explore Trek Feed''s board "Beverly Crusher" on Pinterest. See more ideas about beverly crusher, gates mcfadden, star trek.

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24Feb 1853
7 Times Doctor Beverly Crusher Became My Favorite Star ...

 · Doctor Beverly Crusher places no limits on herself, nor does the Star Trek universe ask her to: She''s a single mom, the leading medical officer on the Federation''s flagship, a former head of Starfleet Medical and, in one version of the future, the captain of a starship. To my mind, she''s the greatest of all Star Trek doctors, and with so much new Star Trek in the works I can''t wait (I ...

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6Feb 1026
Star Trek: The Next Generation''s Beverly Crusher moments

 · Beverly doesn''t get that certainty in the end, but she still stands her moral ground. So there''s this neurological specialist, Dr. Toby Russell, who rolls in and convinces Worf to undergo this brand new, experimental, unapproved operation, despite Crusher telling …

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25Feb 1636
42 BEVERLY CRUSHER ideas | beverly crusher, beverly, crusher

Jul 5, 2020 - Explore kelli''s board "BEVERLY CRUSHER" on Pinterest. See more ideas about beverly crusher, beverly, crusher.

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30Feb 1025
Star Trek: Why Gates McFadden''s Beverly Crusher Left for ...

 · Gates McFadden brought Dr. Beverly Crusher to life on Star Trek: The Next Generation, becoming one of the most iconic women from the franchise.Yet her character is absent from the second season. Star Trek''s history of sexism, even as it sought to represent a progressive utopia, led to McFadden being fired following the 1987-1988 first season of the syndicated series.

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24Feb 993
Beverly Crusher Proves Starfleet''s Progressivism in ''Star ...

 · Dr. Beverly Crusher Is a Bastion of Starfleet''s Progressivism. Memory Alpha. Caitlin Busch. 11.10.2016 4:18 PM.

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28Feb 1419
Sheryl''s Star Trek Site: Star Trek Women: TNG: Crusher

Beverly Crusher. Rank: Commander Current assignment: Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S. Enterprise (detached service upon loss of vessel in 2371) Full Name: Beverly Cheryl Howard Crusher Date of birth: Oct. 13, 2324 Place of birth: Copernicus City, Luna Parents: Paul and Isabel Howard Education: Starfleet Academy and Medical School, 2342-50

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14Feb 1380
Beverly Crusher | Memory Alpha | Fandom

Beverly Crusher in 2367. An energy-based lifeform from the Beta Renner cloud was accidentally trapped aboard the Enterprise later in 2364 initially inhabited Lieutenant Worf''s body, but next moved to Crusher. It controlled her for a brief period of time, attempting to learn how to use the Enterprise navigational systems in order to return home. The being then transferred itself to the ship ...

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17Feb 1786
Star Trek Picard: Beverly Crusher Should Revive TNG ...

 · Star Trek: Picard''s second season should bring back Beverly Crusher and revive her romance with Jean-Luc from The Next Generation.Premiering earlier this year on CBS All Access, Star Trek: Picard brought Patrick Stewart''s Jean-Luc Picard back to the franchise for the first time since 2002 to make one (not so) final stand for justice in the galaxy. . Having already retired from Starfleet in ...

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7Feb 1999
star trek

 · Beverly, you don''t usually stand a watch on the Bridge even when Data''s not here. CRUSHER: I volunteered tonight. I like to put in a little Bridge time now and then, stay on top of operations, tactical procedures. The truth is, I like it. It''s not every doctor who gets to command a starship, even if it is the night shift.

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1Feb 955
Doctor Beverly Crusher

[Image: Screencaps from Suddenly Human, showing Beverly and Deanna interacting with the captain.] So this was my lunchtime episode and, having not watched it in a long while, I was really struck by how much the writing here positions Deanna and Beverly as not only Picard''s main advisers but also the people who are allowed to treat him as an equal.

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28Feb 1301
Star Trek: Beverly Crusher Nearly Exited in TNG''s Pilot ...

cbr - The Crusher family has a long history within Star Trek: The Next Generation''s legacy. However, its beloved matriarch and the long-serving chief … Star Trek: Beverly Crusher Nearly Exited in TNG''s Pilot | CBR - Flipboard

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28Feb 1505
Beverly Crusher | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki ...

Beverly Crusher in 2364.. In 2364, Beverly applied for the position of chief medical officer aboard the Enterprise and her application was accepted. She would be working under her husband''s old Captain, Jean-Luc Picard, which she didn''t view as a problem, though there was some initial discomfort from Captain Picard.(TNG episode & novelization: Encounter at Farpoint)

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27Feb 1491
Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard

Inspired by Beverly and Jean-Luc''s banter in Nemesis about the Captain "cutting a rug." Set on the Enterprise-D, sometime after "All Good Things" but before the movies. The crew attends Lwaxana Troi''s birthday party and takes shore leave on Betazed.

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9Feb 761
star trek

 · Beverly Crusher holds the rank of Commander as well as being the ship''s Chief Medical Officer. She periodically acts as OOD (Officer of the Deck) on the night shift but remains outside the normal command hierarchy at other times.. In TNG : Gambit we see that that Enterprise'' standard Bridge Command structure (based on who takes over as each senior officer leaves) goes Picard > Riker > …

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29Feb 1022
Beverly Crusher | Heroes Wiki | Fandom

Beverly Crusher was the medical doctor of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D from 2363 to 2371 followed by the Enterprise NCC-1701-E in 2372 onward in the science-fiction series Star Trek: The Next Generation and the movies based on the television series.. She was portrayed by Gates Mcfadden.. History. Crusher was born on October 13, 2324 on Earth''s moon to Paul and Isabel Howard.

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24Feb 1305
Beverly Crusher Won''t Return in Star Trek: Picard Season 2 ...

 · Wil Wheaton, who plays Beverly Crusher''s son Wesle in The Next Generation, has also said he''d be on board to appear in Picard if the Star Trek team gives him the call. In a previous interview with TrekMovie , Wheaton made it clear that he''d jump at the chance to work with Patrick Stewart again in Picard, as the two haven''t shared the screen ...

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16Feb 596
Why Was Captain Beverly Picard''s Ship so Different ...

 · Screengrabs from CBS Captain Beverly Picard and the U.S.S. Pasteur. The design of the space-faring vessels in science fiction films and movies …

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14Feb 1963
Picard Season 2 and Season 3 Need Geordi, Worf and Beverly ...

 · Picard Season 2 and Season 3 Need Geordi, Worf and Beverly Crusher, Here''s Why. Although the timeline has changed, why Star Trek: The Next Generation climax, ''All Good Things'' is a roadmap to what fans want to conclude Picard''s story. May 23, 1994 saw the end of the second, and arguably best, era of Star Trek.

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11Feb 1669
Beverly Crusher

Beverly Crusher - Wikipedia

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28Feb 812
Amazon : STAR TREK 6" Dr. Beverly Crusher, Chief ...

Star Trek the Next Generation Dr. Beverly Crusher with Silver Accesories 4.1 out of 5 stars 15. $25.04. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Star Trek Zefram Cochrane First Contact Action Figure 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. $7.00. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

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26Feb 1942
Beverly Crusher | Dominion-RPG Wiki | Fandom

Beverly objected to Q''s interference and was silenced briefly by Q when he transformed her into a dog. Rogers, using her new-found powers, restored Beverly to Human form. Crusher unwittingly caused the first case of Barclay''s Protomorphosis Syndrome in 2370. She used a synthetic T-cell to treat Lieutenant Reginald Barclay''s case of Urodelan flu ...

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9Feb 1183

Lot 654. 654. This lot is offered without reserve. BEVERLY CRUSHER''S LAB COAT. Details. BEVERLY CRUSHER''S LAB COAT. A long-sleeved jacket of blue-green cotton -- worn by Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation; with corresponding wardrobe tag. Special Notice. This lot is offered without reserve.

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25Feb 1367
''Star Trek: Picard'' Season 2 cast could fix Jean-Luc''s ...

 · One of the most important people in the life of Jean-Luc Picard was absent from Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard.Yes, Data was Picard''s android bestie, but Dr. Beverly Crusher was on the shortlist of ...

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4Feb 1152
Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher

Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher. Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher is a Super Rare [4-star] crew member. Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher is a version of Crusher from the film Star Trek Nemesis .

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19Feb 649
Gates McFadden

Beverly Crusher. I swear to God. Seriously! So I go, "Okay, fine", and I look at the scene and it''s a scene from "The Naked Now" and that''s funny because she''s kind of drunk and I thought, "This is funny". So that''s about the only funny scene in seven seasons! (Star Trek Magazine, April 2006) See also.

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15Feb 1047
What Gates McFadden Wants You To Know About Podcasting ...

 · Beverly Crusher''s romance with Odan: revisited. CBS. I saw you tweet about an episode called "The Host" with Beverly''s love interest Odan because …

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