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angle dredge sluice

8Feb 1066
Hydraulic Riffles ? | Gold Dredging Forum

 · If you increase the angle of your sluice box you will start to lose more of the fines. The problem is the packing of the black sand between the riffles that do not allow the fines to go to bottom and much of the fine gold will sail down the sluice box over the black sand and back into the river. ... as using hydraulic riffles in a dredge sluice ...

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18Feb 1729
How I built a recirculating sluice box for gold prospecting

The cradle would hold the sluice and allow me to adjust the angle of tilt. Water would be pumped out of the bin to the top of the sluice. Water and debris would fall back into the bin at the bottom of the sluice. This would be great! I''d be able to use the sluice at home without turning the back yard into a mud hole.

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9Feb 583
Getting The Best Performance From Your Dredge

The lift varies from dredge to dredge and is determined by the draft (how far the pontoon sinks into the water), of the pontoons and the angle of the flair to the water''s surface. This is the hardest lift in the dredge …

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25Feb 1186
Dredging up gold-era history — Effort to save mining relic ...

 · Dredging up gold-era history — Effort to save mining relic goes up in smoke. Photos courtesy of Jane Haigh. Chatanika Gold Dredge No. 3, outside of Fairbanks, is seen before being scorched in a fire in August 2013. The dredge is co-owned by Jane Haigh, of Soldotna, who bought it to try and preserve this 70-year-old, 300-foot piece of gold ...

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20Feb 1984
Quick Highbanker Question

 · This equates to roughly 1 degree of sluice box angle, and is the correct starting location for dredging. The corrected sluice box angle can only be determined after running quite a bit of material through the dredge. With the dredge running, go back and inspect the riffle system.

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28Feb 1941
Suction Gold Dredge Basics

 · Suction Gold Dredge Basics. A suction gold dredge is basically an underwater vacuum cleaner. Material is transported from underwater to the surface and run through a sluice box to capture the gold. A sluice box works because gold is 15 times heavier than sand and gravel and so is easily trapped by the riffles and carpet in the sluice box.

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10Feb 1660
How To Build and Operate Sluice Boxes

popular ''Gold-Buddy'', a ''Grizzly'' brand mini high-banker, A G-1 power sluice, A Proline 2-1/2" power sluice, a D&K 1-1/2" power sluice and a new Keene 2-1/2" power sluice. All of this equipment was used in two different locations having very different dispositions and types of gold between March 12th and August 5th of 2009.

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20Feb 1509
CC 690 Power Sluice

The CC690 is a water operated, centrifugal concentrator and is capable of processing large volumes of material without the need for pre-classification. The design of this highbanker/power sluice, which took two years to perfect, was based on published research …

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24Feb 1250
Gold Well Vortex Drop Riffle Sluice Box

The sluice is designed to process unclassified materials provided enough water depth is delivered to the sluice to move the large material through the sluice. If sufficient water can not be delivered, either classify the materials to 3/8" or less and/or increase the sluice angle to help large material to move through the sluice.

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7Feb 1157

A sluice box classifier for a sluice box of a gold mining dredge includes a trough and a rim secured to an underside of the trough. The rim anchors the trough to a standard size container. The trough is formed of four walls and a bottom, and is at least as wide as a lower end portion of the sluice box from which collected overburden is received.

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29Feb 1646
Dredge Adjustments

 · The proper sluice box adjustment can effect the. recovery of values. If the sluice does not have enough angle, the sluice box will "load up" causing the riffle openings to. fill with unwanted excess material. Too much angle will cause the material to flow too fast, resulting in loss of values, evidenced. by the riffles running too clean.

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9Feb 1399
Grizzly Gold Trap Sluice

Grizzly Gold Trap sluices are the next generation of fluid bed sluices. Used by prospectors to capture gold from nuggets to fine gold in streams and rivers. Grizzly Gold Trap is a self-classifying sluice and maximizes gold recovery better than any sluice on the market.

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12Feb 1488
Dredge Operating instructions

The proper sluice box adjustment can effect the recovery of values. If the sluice does not have enough angle, the sluice box will "load up" causing the riffle openings to fill with unwanted excess material. Too much angle will cause the material to flow too fast, resulting in loss of values, evidenced by the riffles running too clean.

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5Feb 501
Clean out a sluice box on a 4" Keene Gold Dredge

 · A video demonstrating how to take apart a 3-stage sluice box from a 4-inch gold dredge. https://

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30Feb 1668
Keene gold dredge 3 stage sluice assembly ne gold ...

Simple 2nd stage modification allowing larger rocks to pass with less energy.The Improved version of the fine gold riffle is here. https://youtu /t2DkThxLkcM

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15Feb 1981
» The Size of Riffles

Let''s just use the example of a 5-inch dredge. The nozzle-restriction will allow a 4.5-inch rock to be sucked up into the sluice box. And there must be enough water-flow through the sluice to keep the 4.5-inch rocks, and everything else that is being sucked up, flowing through and out as tailings.

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8Feb 824
How To Build A Jet For Gold Dredge

 · Homemade 2 1/2 inch gold dredge. Mar 28, 2013· I just completed my homemade 2 1/2 inch dredge. I floated it in the lake to find out what the displacement was and it was almost perfect. The front was about 5 to 10 lbs light but with the water in the sluice, it …

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16Feb 1100
highbanker water flow

 · So option #1 is a string & a 2" string level. Rap the string around a rock, rap it around the top of the sluice. Hook the string level on the string. Now with the string around the top of your hand, go to the bottom of the sluice. If you have a 48" sluice then use your 4" wide hand as a measuring tape.

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4Feb 1349
Program Placer Mining

Angle iron dredge riffles should be wed somewhere in the fine gold recovery area to recover gold particles much coarser than 20 mesh and smaller than the upper feed size. Frequently referred to as a "nugget trap" when used in this manner, the dredge riffles would serve …

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30Feb 1378
4 Dredge Instructions

The proper sluice box angle adjustment can af f e c t the recovery of values. If the sluice does not have enough angle the sluice box will "load up" causing the riffle openings to fill with unwanted excess material. Too much angle will cause the material to flow too fast, resulting in loss of values, evidenced by the r i f fles running too clean.

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3Feb 1883
Gold Power Sluices & Highbanking | Gold Prospector

A power sluice or highbanker is basically a sluice box with height and mobility and is motorized. It is mounted on a 4-legged stand that gives the sluice box the correct slope. Instead of being put right in the creek like a hand sluice, an engine with a water pump and some hoses gets the water up from the stream into the sluice or highbanker.

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3Feb 1078
GOLD MINER''S TOOLS :: Dredges by Company

6.5 HP 3 Inch Ultra Mini Dredge. 3500P. Model 3500P comes complete a 6.5 horsepower engine, 20 feet of 3" suction hose and a 14" x 48" sluice box. Equipped with a P180 pump, our new oversized jet flare and jet with suction hose quick coupling. Float dimensions are 60" x 10.5" x 10.5" and Floatation assembly is 60" x 40".

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4Feb 1816
Gold Sluice Boxes for Prospecting

The sluice should be set at a downhill angle that allows the material to briskly flow through the sluice. The higher the volume of water available, the shallower the angle will be. Shovel material into the sluice at the flared end as close to the end as possible so that the material is washed over the entire length of the sluice.

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17Feb 716
How To Set The Right Sluice Box Angle (Tips & Tricks ...

A sluice box should be set with a 4-8 degree angle. Another rule of thumb is that the sluice should be angled to drop roughly 2 inches per foot of length. The exact angle depends on the size and weight of the material, the riffle design, and the speed of the …

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21Feb 1289
Building A 9''x3'' Sluice Box For An Old 8" Dredge

 · I''ve never seen actual 90 degree angle iron run in a dredge before. Its always been a modified type dredge riffle from Keene or Proline with more of a 45 at the top running flat with the box. The riffles in this old Dahlke are the same with the addition of 1 1/2 flat bar in some areas.

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18Feb 1560
Custom Built Highbankers, sluice boxes, dredge, hand ...

Power sluice - Highbanker hopper. Can be built for any size sluice. 10"-16" models have a 36" x 16" opening. - TIG welded ALL ALUMINUM construction. - 1" x .120 square tube top lip. Dual 2" adjustable Spray bar system includes: - 240 spray holes. - 2 separate control valves. - 3" inlet.

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23Feb 1193
Gold Dredge Sluice Box IN ACTION!

 · Underwater, in-box video of a suction dredge sluice box in action! This is a 4 inch dredge running in Western Oregon. I apologize for the typo at the end of ...

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28Feb 1122
The Best Sluice Box Kits And Equipment Buyer Guide

 · 1. Royal 30″ Highbanker with Hopper Sluice Box Kit. This power sluice option from Royal comes with a 30″ compact sluice box, hopper, hoses, sluice stand, and pump and batteries. This is an adaptable, quality power sluice. The stand is equipped with …

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23Feb 1669
Best angle for a sluice box

 · When I say optimum I guess I am thinking what slope or angle of attack on a sluice box traps the most gold (flour gold, flakes, etc etc). Or is this more complicated in the sense that really fine gold is a special situation requiring a different option? goldhound. 2,988. Member.

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23Feb 670
Sluice Building For Fine Gold Recovery – Part 3 – BC Gold ...

A ratio of 2.5:1 is perhaps ''perfect''. In other words, if you''re feeding the sluice 1/4" gravels the maximum riffle height should be 3/4" or less as an example. The ''perfect'' height for 1/4" gravels would be 5/8" but this riffle height would be a custom fabrication. Almost all ''mass-produced'' riffles are far too high for ...

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22Feb 605
Gold Sluice Box Design

 · The gold sluice box is an efficient alternative to panning for gold, allowing the prospector to quickly sift through a much greater volume of sediment. Although many affordable varieties are available to purchase, they are even more affordable to build. With a little knowledge, skill, and creativity, a prospector can build a custom sluice box from almost any type of solid material available.

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25Feb 718
D.I.Y. prospecting & mining equipment parts & supplies ...

their own personalized recovery system for their specific recovery needs. With either 4" or 5" tall sides, they are well suited for an over/under type, 2 or 3 stage sluice for. your Dredge, Highbanker, Power sluice, Trommel or Hand sluice. Our D.I.Y. boxes are .080 thick 5052 Aluminum, which is very sturdy, reducing box flex, bowing &.

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