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13Feb 1278
ProPUR Coating Station

PROPUR COATING STATION. ProPUR Coating Stations with rotating bar technology perform completely uniform and streak-free coatings with excellent coat-weight control, which makes them an ideal solution for working with high gloss applications up to 1300 mm wide.

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17Feb 1257

solvent-free epoxy coating. For small lift stations and at the discretion of the City, the number of manholes requiring coating may be reduced. For lift station wetwells, the coating limits shall include from the bottom of fillet, wetwell walls, and roof. Coating system …

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23Feb 961
Waterproofing Coatings | Liquid Waterproofing | SANI-TRED

Truck and Car wash station coating; Sand Blasting Stations; Chemical Plant Pumping Stations; Liquid Fertilizer Steel Tank Coatings; Secondary Containment Areas liquid fertilizers; Poultry building coating; Rabbit breeding farms, (plywood & cardboard urine splash guards) Escargot breeding room sealing & waterproofing (drywall, gypsum board ...

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4Feb 1297

An emergency shower and eye-wash station close to the dipping or coating operation. In place of this equipment, you may use a water hose that is at least 4 feet (1.22 m) long and at least 3/4 of an inch (18 mm) thick with a quick-opening valve and carrying a pressure of 25 pounds per square inch (1.62 k/cm 2) or less; and

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21Feb 1626
Blasting and Coating Services | Fox Valley Sandblasting ...

 · Fox Valley Sandblasting & Powder Coating offers a wide range of finishing services. Our blasting and coating capabilities extend far beyond the typical spectrum. With the best abrasive blasting machinery, we can work with all types of media. Our facility has the capability to blast and paint items up to 60 feet long and powder coat products up ...

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30Feb 888
Coating Stations | Industrial Equipment and Systems | TSE ...

A coating station is the foundation for the application process in that it provides the mechanical support and positioning functions as well as auxiliary systems required for a successful coating process. TSE supplies coating stations ranging from small, flexible laboratory development coaters to ultra-high precision small scale production units.

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1Feb 1726
Stampede Coatings

Stampede Coatings, College Station, Texas. 7,296 likes · 714 talking about this · 1 was here. We specialize in the installation of high performance concrete floor coatings. We work in residential...

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24Feb 1109

Cementitious underlayment and hybrid epoxy top coat composite system for restoring and coating pump stations and lift stations with a combination of high strength concrete and modified high performance epoxy. Structural grade mortar with advanced hybrid epoxy top coat. Also terrific for lining newly installed pumping stations.

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5Feb 1963
Powder Coating Booths from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS)

With 14 years of combined powder coating experience, partners Vinnie Duecker and Justin Bolton opened their dream powder coating shop in December 2018 in Monroe, Wisconsin. Knowing they needed top-quality finishing equipment to obtain the final finishes they desired, they reached out to another Wisconsin business, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS).

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18Feb 788
Waterbased Coatings and Sealant Poducts

Waterbased coatings can be applied over almost all ink types utilizing flexo/anilox, gravure, ink-train and roller coaters or variations of these. Coatings and Adhesives Corporation manufactures a wide variety of coatings that will work on most substrates. Custom Developed Coatings …

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27Feb 790
Lift Station Lining

STEEL LIFT STATIONS. High build, durable epoxy liner with structural grade fiber reinforced curing (FRP), reclaims lost steel and lines all-in-one-shot. Great solution for highly pitted, cavitated and corroded steel or metal surfaces. Urethane-Modified-Epoxy (UME) steel lift station coating and lining system for a balance of the best qualities ...

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30Feb 1003
Advanced Materials and Coatings Laboratory (AMCL)

Alion''s Advanced Materials and Coatings Laboratory (AMCL) specializes in the preparation and application of coatings for spacecraft and satellites. Our engineers pioneered the development of unique materials for the protection of aerospace structures and components from …

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18Feb 1913
Oil and Gas Coating Applications

Coating Applications for Upstream Oil and Gas. SilcoTek® coatings are used in downhole sampling, flare sampling, CEMS and sample transfer systems to prevent interaction of the test sample or product with the flow path surface. Our inert coatings like SilcoNert® and Dursan® prevent adsorption, reactivity, and improve surface corrosion resistance.

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2Feb 582
Single Station Roller Coater

Single Station Roller Coater. Roller Coater is most suitable for all kind of coating applications. In this Possibility of fixed, rigid head for different applications / thickness and the floating, auto-levelling system for others – this gives constant pressure over the entire panel shape.

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3Feb 781
Coating Tech Slot Dies, Coating Stations and Accessories

A slot die does not stand alone. It is always part of a larger coating line or coating system. Coating Tech Slot Dies will manufacture slot die positioners, coating stations with precision roll, fluid delivery systems, vacuum systems, control panels, shims, and parts and service for any slot die.

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13Feb 604
Parts Washers & Rinse Stations | EPTEX Coatings

EPTEX Coatings is a leader in batch oven technology and also offers a full line of industrial parts washers & rinse stations. We provide our customers with the highest quality products, regardless of their budget. You can be assured that the product you order will be of the highest quality and provide a lifetime of service.

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22Feb 1100

 · The outcome of this research was Alion''s proprietary Z-93C55 coating." Kenny said Alion thoroughly tested the newly formulated coatings in the lab and provided them for NASA''s Materials International Space Station Experiments -1 and 2 for further evaluation. MISSE-1 and 2, a test bed for materials and coatings flown on the outside of the ...

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6Feb 1397
Train/bus stations

Train/Bus Stations. Jotun provides professional advice and more environmentally friendly, high performance paints, anticorrosive coatings, passive fire protection (intumescent) coatings and floor coatings for train/bus stations globally.

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11Feb 1323

stations and similar structures. 5. Exterior above-ground concrete and concrete block as specified and shown on the Drawings. ... coatings material manufacturers'' printed technical data sheets for products intended for use in each of various paint and coating systems. Data sheets shall fully describe

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28Feb 1037
Which Coating is Best for Water and Wastewater Treatment?

Coating systems are designed to help protect concrete by providing a barrier to various chemicals, such as sulfuric acid, sodium sulfates, ammonium, and moisture penetration. You''ll find coatings used in tanks, troughs, aerators, filter beds, and even clarifiers – pretty much anything that comes into contact with a combination of chemicals ...

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10Feb 651
painting coating repairing rebuilding gas islands maintenance

The PowerBlast gas island coating system delivers 21st-century resurfacing technology for a fraction of the cost of replacing an island and without the downtime usually associated with repairing, rebuilding, painting, coating your service stations, or c-stores gas pump islands concrete and metal foundations.

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22Feb 1355
§5460. Powder Coating.

Flammable Liquids, Gases and Vapors. Article 137. Spray Coating Operations. §5460. Powder Coating. (a) This section shall apply to processes in which combustible dry powders are applied such as: (1) Fluidized bed. (2) Electrostatic fluidized bed. (3) Powder spray guns.

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15Feb 540
Extrusion Coating & Laminating Capabilities | SC&L

2-Station 136″ wide Aqueous Coating/Printing Lines This line is excellent at applying repulpable vapor barriers, colored lines, and functional coatings, as well as 1 or 2 color printing. Available coatings: Oil and Grease Resistance, Water Resistance, Wax Replacement, Anti Skid, Abrasion Resistance, Release, Repulpable moisture barrier, and ...

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6Feb 1928
DoD Fuel Facilities Criteria

Coating Systems (cont.) PLANNED COATING SYSTEM EXTERIOR COATING: 1 - zinc rich coating 1 - inorganic topcoat Coating Specification that will be CANCELLED ASAP: SECTION 09 97 13.17 THREE COAT EPOXY INTERIOR COATING OF WELDED STEEL PETROLEUM FUEL TANKS 3 - Epoxy Coats 350 g/l 2.8 lbs/gal max. VOC 7/12/2017 35

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5Feb 1692
Lens Coating Machine | SharperTek USA

The SharperTek optic lens coating machine is designed to deliver consistent efficiency in cleaning over time with the automatic level control as well as several steps for cleaning and coating, including one tank for primer and two for lacquers. Load station, infrared drying, part transfer system, conveyer curing oven, and unload station are also all featured on this machine.

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12Feb 1584
Seed Treatment and Coating Investigations

Progress 01/01/94 to 12/30/94 Outputs Film-coating is a method in which a polymeric solution is sprayed onto the seedsin a coating pan to result in a uniform application of materials and film-coating was studied as a delivery system for plant protectants. Onion seeds were film-coated in cooperation with C. J. Eckenrode with Pro-Gro (thiram ...

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6Feb 1058

A catalyst composition is applied to an interior of a hollow substrate. The composition is coated on the substrate by immersing the substrate into a vessel containing a bath of coating slurry. A vacuum is then applied to the partially immersed substrate. The intensity of the vacuum and its application time is sufficient to draw the coating slurry upwardly from the bath into each of a plurality ...

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29Feb 1400
Contract Toll Coating | Sappi Global

Coat Weight: Up to 5lb C1S per coater. Gloss (75°) TAPPI T480: 3 – 50 (coating driven) Optical Brightening Agents: Available in coating. Coating Stations: 2 C1S Air Knives. Separate coatings per station possible. Experienced with many coatings. E-beam coating capabilities. Basis Weight: 35 – 150lb (100 – 220gsm)

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28Feb 844
Reducing Air Pollution From Paint and Coating …

mercury-containing coatings designed to kill bacteria. • Reformulate coatings to higher solid coatings, waterborne coatings, powder coatings, or ultraviolet (UV) light-cured coatings. Lower Emissions at the Source • Cover tanks during blending, mixing, and while waiting to transfer the paint or coating …

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29Feb 1706
An Overview of Roll Coating | New Era Converting

Kiss coating is a method by which coating is applied to a web that "kisses" the surface of a coating roll. The coater is typically of relatively simple design, with a single coating roll mounted such that the bottom of the roll is submersed in a pan that holds a coating (Figure 1). As the roll rotates, it picks coating …

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7Feb 1002
Best 28 Powder Coating in Columbia Station, OH with ...

Powder Coating in Columbia Station on YP . See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Powder Coating in Columbia Station, OH.

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1Feb 579
Working stations

Depending on the design of the coating heads, the working stations are tailored to the application and adapted with quality control instruments. A big advantage of the GAW working stations is the unique piping, which minimizes the air content of the coating mass …

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13Feb 735

A coating station, which in intended for coating a web with a coating material, includes a load-bearing and cross-directional frame extending substantially across the entire width of the web. The coating station also includes applicator elements supported to the frame. The frame is arranged by at least one cross component formed out of sheet metal into a box-type structure, the cross component ...

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6Feb 1348
Silicone Coating Station – Maan Engineering

The Maan Silicone Coating Station has been developed for the very accurate application of silicone coatings on paper and foil. By means of an innovative inert gas chamber in combination with a UV lamp, the coating layers are cured extremely cleanly and quickly. Roller System. The Silicone Coating Station is available as a 3-roller or 5-roller ...

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11Feb 1497

4 reviews of Vagwerks Performance & Coating "I''ve been taking my Audi A4 and my VW GTI to VagWerks for two years now. Kenny and Tyler are outstanding, accommodating, and honest. I have saved thousands of dollars while getting better service than I was receiving at the dealership. Finding VagWerks allowed me to maintain my cars reliably and enjoy the ownership of German vehicles that I …

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