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copper flotation sphalerite

22Feb 1226
Effect of Physisorption of Collector on Activation of ...

 · The studies into the mechanism of activation of sphalerite flotation by ions of heavy metals show that neither ion exchange nor electrochemistry explain the experimental facts, namely, activation of flotation of copper mineral by lead ions, activation of sphalerite flotation by zinc, or flotation in the presence of non-conducting surface layer with silver or mercury.

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11Feb 1124
The Complete Collection of Copper Beneficiation Reagents ...

 · It is mainly used for the flotation of copper oxide ore, which can be used for directly flotation or sulphidizing flotation. The flotation effect is better than that of xanthates alone. Ester Collectors Ester collectors have the strong collection capacity for chalcopyrite, but weaker collection capacity for sphalerite and pyrite. Xanthate Ester

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17Feb 1214
Effect of a Small Amount of Iron Impurity in Sphalerite on ...

Through industrial testing at the Huize lead-zinc mine, it was found that the floatability of sphalerite varied greatly with the iron impurity content. Three kinds of Huize sphalerites with iron contents of 2.30 wt.%, 3.20 wt.% and 4.66 wt.%, were used to study the influence of small amounts of iron impurity in the sphalerite on xanthate adsorption and flotation behavior.

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1Feb 1656
Zinc Sphalerite Flotation 600 g/t CuSO4 Copper Sulfate ...

 · Shows the effect of a copper sulphate NEAR OVERdose on zinc flotation. https://

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8Feb 1059
Electrochemistry of Copper Activation of Sphalerite and ...

the processes of sulphides flotation. The adsorption of potassium isobutyl xanthate (KIBX 3⋅10-3M) on sphalerite has been studied using electrochemical potential, FTIR technique and SEM. Non activated minerals and minerals activated with copper sulfate (10-4 M) and copper nitrate (10-4 M) have been investigated at pH 7.5. Surface species have ...

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9Feb 614
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 · 1. Introduction. Sphalerite is a valuable mineral for zinc and has been one of the most studied sulphide minerals in relation to its flotation (Finkelstein and Allison, 1976, Finkelstein, 1997).Recovery of sphalerite from ores is quite a complex process; generally its flotation needs to be first depressed in copper and lead circuit at neutral to mildly alkaline pH values before it can be ...

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19Feb 713
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22Feb 577
Role of Flotation Reagents in Tuning Colloidal Forces for ...

 · Colloidal interactions between sphalerite and synthesized ZnS (analogous to sphalerite) and between silica and synthesized ZnS in aqueous solutions were studied using direct surface forces zeta potential distribution measurements. The role of flotation reagent including activator, depressant and collector in tuning surface forces was investigated.

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1Feb 880
Differential flotation ofcopper-zincat PrieskaCopper Mines ...

the copper:zincratio inthe feed, the greater the zinc rejection andefficiency demands. Besides the economic inducement ofahigh copper recovery perse,ahigh copper extraction isimperative toensure that thezincconcentrate doesnotexceed the specified copper content, sincetestwork hasshown t~at afraction ofthecopper remaining inthecopper flotatIOn

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13Feb 1874
The effect of mode of occurrence of galena and sphalerite ...

presence of sphalerite in the galena concentrate is also due to poor liberation between galena and sphalerite, especially in the middlings. Hence, selectivity could be improved by regrinding the rougher concentrate prior to the cleaning stage. Keywords: sulphide ores, flotation, flotation …

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8Feb 1513
Activation of Sphalerite by Ammoniacal Copper Solution in ...

 · The activation of sphalerite particles by ammoniacal copper solution (ACS) was investigated in this study. This microflotation study was conducted on a single sphalerite mineral with the particles size of 38 μ m to 75 μ m. Results showed that ACS has somewhat better activation effect than copper sulphate (a traditional activator) with sodium isobutyl xanthate as the collector.

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29Feb 1081
Chapter 7. Depression of sphalerite with cyanide and zinc ...

copper-activated sphalerite is not efficient at lower dosages of zinc sulphate alone. In addition, Trahar et al. (1997) have shown that the use of zinc salts at pH 9 decreased the recovery of galena due to the coating by hydrophilic zinc hydroxide. A study on the deportment of sphalerite in the lead flotation circuit was carried out in the work

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22Feb 1815
Improving Flotation of Sphalerite

conducted flotation tests of sphalerite- xanthate system and showed that the flotation of activated sphalerite is suppressed at the pH range of 6 to 9, depending on the amount of CuSO 4 added. They observed, as shown in Figure 6-1, that the larger the addition of copper sulfate, the wider

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13Feb 1528
Influence of the Interaction between Sphalerite and Pyrite ...

In this paper, the effect of pyrite on the activation of sphalerite was investigated by micro-flotation, copper adsorption experiments, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and electrochemical measurement. The micro-flotation test results showed that the recovery and flotation rate of sphalerite with copper sulphate as activator and butyl xanthate as collector were significantly decreased ...

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8Feb 1738
(PDF) Effect of iron content in sphalerite on flotation ...

The chemical composition of the low iron content For example, both an increase and decrease in copper sphalerite sample, ZnS, (Carthage, TN, USA) was activation, collector adsorption and froth flotation of 66.7% Zn, 0.3% Fe and 32.7% S (0.06% Cu and 0.07% Pb) while that of the high iron content sphalerite sam- * ple, (Zn, Fe)S, (Broken Hill ...

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14Feb 1291

 · Abstract. This paper reports the results of flotation tests conducted with a copper-lead-zinc sulphide ore. The major sulphide minerals in the ore are chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, marmatite and pyrite with corresponding metal amounts of 6.80% Pb, 1.05% Cu and 1.50% Zn, respectively.

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5Feb 1987
A review of the fundamental studies of the copper ...

A review of the fundamental studies of the copper activation mechanisms for selective flotation of the sulfide minerals, sphalerite and pyrite Adv Colloid Interface Sci . 2009 Jan 30;145(1-2):97-110. doi: 10.1016/j.cis.2008.09.001.

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3Feb 700

Flotation of Sphalerite (ZnS) Flotation of sphalerite with amyl xanthate is possible at pH 3.5 and decreases as the pH is ... Then activation of sphalerite with copper sulphate and high pH to depress pyrite enables a sphalerite concentrate to be made. Finally a lowering of pH can

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9Feb 1014

The experimental data on copper-zinc ore flotation have shown that sphalerite and pyrite present at the final process stages of col-lective–selective flotation possess equal kinetics of floatability. This is particularly obvious in zinc flotation cycle, where pyrite is only depressed with lime and blue copperas activates both sphaler-

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29Feb 834
Chalcopyrite (Cu) Sphalerite (Zn) Separation by Flotation

 · REGRIND AND SELECTIVE FLOTATION. The bulk copper-zinc concentrate after thickening is reground to all minus 325 mesh. Even at this grind microscopic examination shows inclusions of chalcopyrite in sphalerite grains. Zinc sulphate and cyanide are added to the regrind mill to effectively depress the sphalerite.

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2Feb 1022
Electrochemical Studies of Copper-Activation of Sphalerite ...

At very low potentials, however, elemental copper is formed, which may worsen the selectivity of the sphalerite flotation. Controlled potential contact angle measurements showed that xanthate adsorption does occur on copper-activated sphalerite at all pH ranges. However, the contact angles and flotation recovery decrease at near neutral pH.

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5Feb 518
Effect of Copper Sulfate on Zinc Sphalerite Flotation

 · Copper sulfate, when used as an activator in flotation of sphalerite, forms an invisible but physically detectable film of cupric sulfide on the surface of the sphalerite particles, as evidenced by increased electric conductivity, by chemical metathesis, and by the ability to deactivate with solutions of alkali cyanides, which are known as ...

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6Feb 1966
[PDF] Influence of the Interaction between Sphalerite and ...

In this paper, the effect of pyrite on the activation of sphalerite was investigated by micro-flotation, copper adsorption experiments, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and electrochemical measurement. The micro-flotation test results showed that the recovery and flotation rate of sphalerite with copper sulphate as activator and butyl xanthate as collector were significantly decreased ...

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8Feb 833
Critical copper concentration in sphalerite flotation ...

Sphalerite flotation and separation from other sulphide minerals are strongly dependent on pulp solution conditions such as pH and copper concentration but also temperature.

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4Feb 1547
"Reaction of metallic iron and copper sulphate in the ...

"Copper sulphate is a common flotation reagent for blende ores. Metallic iron is also present in the mill circuit and a reaction between the iron and the salt would be in accord with well known chemistry. The abundance of metallic iron in a flotation feed may be noted by the examination of any feed. It originates, first of all, in the mine, then the coarse crushing machines contribute their ...

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11Feb 606
Depressing Mechanism of Sphalerite in Hot Flotation and ...

 · The mechanism of sphalerite depression in hot flotation (Pb flotation) and the flotation behavior of sphalerite activated with copper in the subsequent Zn flotation have been investigated. In single mineral flotation at pH 6 using potassium diethyl dithiophosphate as a collector, the floatability of sphalerite did not depend on pulp temperature ...

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21Feb 1218
Zinc Sphalerite Flotation 600 g/t CuSO4 Copper Sulfate ...

Shows the effect of a copper sulphate NEAR OVERdose on zinc flotation. https://

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2Feb 915
Critical importance of pH and collector type on the ...

 · In the zinc flotation experiments, after pH adjustment, conditioning was performed by adding copper sulphate as sphalerite activator (250 g/ton for 2 …

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6Feb 1684
(PDF) Floc flotation of galena and sphalerite fines ...

At the given reagent and operating conditions, floc flotation increases the floatability of the galena and sphalerite fines over 30% ~ad 50% in the range of pH 5 to 8, respectively, in comparison to the corresponding conventional flotation. Clearly, floc flotation is an effective means of recovering galena and sphalerite fines.

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14Feb 588
Flotation of sphalerite and pyrite in the presence of ...

explanation for the high flotation of pyrite in alkaline pH conditions is its inadvertent activation by copper either dissolved from copper minerals present in the ore or added in the zinc circuit to activate the flotation of sphalerite Bushell and Krauss, 1962; Voigt etŽ al., 1994 .

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